Create, Read, Update and Delete Firestore (Firebase) documents in Python

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Firebase Firestore is an incredible tool to easily store and retrieve your data; it supports most of today’s development languages and has a huge community providing ready to use packages.

Python is used for all kind of purposes but especially for its simple and readable syntax, its numerous math-oriented packages (for Finance, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning…) and its enormous community.

The combination of these two technologies provides a very efficient language to process the data and a powerful storage tool, allowing applications to get updates instantly.


First, you’ll need to…

What is and where to get the serviceAccount.json file

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In a nutshell, the Firebase Service Account Key is a way for you to authenticate your app on the Google servers. This file contains multiple information about your account and your project.


In order to get this file, let’s go to your Firebase projects page, then select your project and as shown below, go to your Project Settings.

How to fully automate your Firebase deployment with your Firebase token and credentials

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It can be very frustrating to accidentally push credentials to a public repository or forget the commands to build and deploy a project after months not working on it. It’s part of the reasons why a CI/CD can be your best friend!

CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery) allows us to release our code frequently and in a sustainable way. The CI is running a series of commands, also called pipeline, triggered by one or more repository branches. This pipeline can integrate all kinds of actions but is mainly used to run the tests, build the project and create an artifact (a…

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